Monday, April 1, 2013

Trying something different in Service Learning classroom!

I made this literacy activity for the first graders I tutor last week and they absolutely loved it! It was also fun for me because it was something new! The apples have sight words on them and they take turns picking apples. If they pick up the worm they have to start all over! I know a few of us have told each other how boring it can get in our classrooms so I decided to make this. It was super easy, just a few pieces of construction paper and glue! And my teacher didn't mind at all! I wish I could find the website I found it on but the link is very similar.

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  1. Nicole, I also tried something new with my group last week (: I decided to make my own "odd one out" game on the white boards, and although the lesson was the same, having different examples and a new way to try it was so fun for the kids! I think next week, I will give them specific examples, and have them make their own version.