Monday, April 1, 2013

"Seperate But Equal" : Connection

“We pretend that no one’s a racist anymore, but it’s easier to talk about pornography in polite company than racial integration.” –Bob Hebert
The following are some of the ideas, quotes and/or concepts from the Tim Wise interview:

-Racism is embedded in American culture. Obama’s election doesn't necessarily translate to all equality.
This is one of my favorite movies and always makes
 me think of the struggles many faced
during time of segregation and racism.  
-Pure bigotry has faded, yes. Racism, no.

----The Obama campaign created acceptionalism where a black president is acceptable.
America has created certain social and political norms for and about African Americans that are usually negative, this has now transcended into particular privileges that are allowed to people of color, even today.

“George bush complete buffoon but that’s okay!”  Because of ↓

White Privilege: In the above list, I reiterated one of Tim Wise’ points, that there are embedded negative social norms and stereotypes for African Americans that have transcended into the way we deal with racism today. He mentions in the interview, that an African American child has to strive for  a racially biased career such as
being a basketball star instead of something predominately white, like a C.E.O of a powerful corporation. This is an example when White privilege reveals itself. Specifically African American Children have to limit their dreams because of what norms and stereotypes society has created for them. As, a white child, I never had to limit my dreams based on my race or what was acceptable of it. I was given the luxury of White Privilege. In Peggy McIntosh’ essays she mentions that white privilege isn’t always apparent to the white’s that a receiving its benefits but it is painfully obvious to those who aren’t benefiting from it. Tim Wise uses this idea in the same way regarding racism. He says to truly know if racism exists you can’t ask the ones who aren’t experiencing it effects but the ones that it is.

Striving for:
1.     Racial equity— when mediocrity is acceptable no matter your race.

2.    Expanding norms and breaking free from the embedded ideologies for the African American race. So not only can a black boy dream of being a basketball player he can reach for American Presidency! 

3.  Truly equal opportunity to diminish all aspects of racial inequality in jobs, housing and everyday life not in specific individuals.

How to: 

1.  A Combination of events that cause change. Obama’s election is one of the events that pushed America a little further. Work still remains. Brown vs. Board, MLK, civil rights, and Obama’s election are big events that cracked the glass but didn’t break it, there was a lot more work to be done after the events.

2.  Attitudes have changed towards racism, but Wise says the DENIAL hasn’t changed. Do you believe blacks have equal opportunities? Rational white folks would say yes in housing education…etc. DENIAL. If you want to know if something is a problem go to the target of it not the indirect ones, whites. Race is a reason things happen among problems of the country. When did it stop, it didn’t. There are no excuses, then why isn’t it okay to talk about? Accept it to change!

Comments: I enjoyed enlightening myself with these issues because as the patron of white privilege, I hadn't acknowledged how incredibly dominant racism still is in our society today. I was especially taken back when I read about how schools are "integrated" but not really. It was really very eye-opening. 

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  1. I love how nice your blog always looks because it instantly makes me want to read what you have to say. I also enjoyed this assignment because it was different than just reading an article and enlightened me as well. I also do not think of racism on the daily. I see it as a part of our history and it is very sad that I have been so ignorant by thinking that way.